Thursday, August 11, 2011

Watch Now: Live Holy masjidul Haram shareef Live Online webcam Stream

Assalamu alaikum guys, :)
It is Hajj time so it Might be a good Idea to Watch the holy makkah live from the following sites and see the beauty of Allah's home and the loyalty and the crowd of the people Following him. Muslim or not, The following video is a Must to watch!
Try either server, if one does not work try the other.
Server 1

Server 2

Server 3

Hajj Live (server 4)

server 5

Now if the following two servers don't work and you get a message telling "server not Found" It'll be fixed soon thanks to the ministry of culture and information of saudi arabia. So try again in a few minutes or try pressing the play button repeatedly.
Server 6 (holy mosque in Madina - Masjidun-Nabawi)

Server 5 (holy mosque in Madina - Masjidun-Nabawi)

Server 6 (the Yemeni corner in Makkah)

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